Melody’s Musings is the brainchild of a slightly unbalanced writer (yours truly) who has been accused in the past of being “too serious” and “too intense”.  True – after all, I do suffer from eldest child syndrome – guilty as charged.

However, I also happen to have a silly side and from time to time I enjoy trying to channel my inner Erma Bombeck. I’m kidding…no, seriously – I couldn’t hold a candle to salute that woman’s talent without burning down the house.

So, in an attempt to prove my critics wrong and find my happy place a few years ago, I created a home for my often bizarre form of humor here.

I once read a quote by a famous author who quipped, “Writers are just frustrated hams.” And you know? I wholeheartedly agree!

As a kid – like every other kid growing up in southern California – I was obsessed with  drama and acting, especially live plays performed on stage before an audience. Unfortunately, I discovered early on the hard way that I was not cut out to be an actress at all.  This was mainly due to the bouts of extreme stage fright I experienced every time I stood backstage awaiting my cue, and the inability to remember my lines or where to stand on stage while delivering them.

As a very young child, I fell in love with the written word. When I was about 10 years old, I decided that I would shift my focus to writing the plays instead of starring in them. And that’s exactly what I did. Every Christmas when I was growing up, my four younger sisters and I would write, direct, produce and star in our own version of a Broadway play.

You can guess who did most of the writing.   We usually performed in the living room of our home, in front of all the relatives who came to visit for the holidays. And we often got standing ovations and lots of laughs for our collective effort.

Two of  my sisters went on to achieve an impressive level of local fame by graduating with honors from The High School for Performing and Visual Arts in our town.  Not bad, ladies. But think I’ll leave you two to the acting and I’ll stick to writing.

When I think back on those happy childhood days and silly plays, I’ve never forgotten the thrill of having someone laugh at something I’ve written. It’s rather addicting and way more fun than “awkward me”, trying to act it out on stage.

Nearly five decades have passed since those early childhood experiences. My mind is now my stage here at Melody’s Musings. So, welcome guests! I invite you to browse the Theater of My Mind and discover the quirky side of my split personality. (Unfortunately, we – er, that is me and the mouse in my pocket – haven’t figured out how to serve virtual popcorn yet, but as soon as someone smarter us does, we’ll be all over it.)

Writing comedy has become good therapy for me, especially during times when I’ve taken myself and the world at large WAY too seriously for WAY too long.

Geez…I last posted in 2012? Guess I thought the world was about to end. But I’m back from the brink, folks and until the actual apocalypse takes place,  I think I’ll camp out here with my stockpile of extra water and freeze dried food and write up a storm.

So if you could use a good laugh today, I invite you to browse my blog posts and come back later for more. And while you’re here, if you like what you see, would you do me a favor? Rate my work, leave a comment or two and if you are so inclined, connect with me on Facebook by clicking the link on this page? Oh – and tell your friends about this blog too if you would be so kind?

Yes,  I’ve taken some serious time off in recent years, and life got in the way but please don’t sue me.  I’m ready to don my clown outfit, jump back in the saddle and bust a barrel or two at this here comedy rodeo, pardner!

I hope you’ll come along for the ride.

(I saw that smile!)


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